Food News: Jet Puffed, Popeyes, & Pop-Tarts

Food News

Jet-Puffed is Selling “S’mores Shoes” for $119: This is going to sound weird, but please be aware… these shoes are NOT for eating. The makers of Jet-Puffed marshmallows are now selling shoes that are supposed to look like S’MORES. They’re puffy slip-ons.  They’re not shaped like a s’more.  They were just sort of going for the essence of a s’more. They basically look like a slightly toasted marshmallow, and the tops are the color of graham crackers. They partnered with the shoe company Kizik, so they’re the ones selling them.  Jet-Puffed is calling them “S’mores Shoes.”  But on Kizik’s website, they’re listed as “Toasted Marshmallow Mars Roamers.” They’re a limited-time thing until they sell out, and they’re not cheap.  Each pair costs $119.

SOURCE: Food & Wine

To celebrate five years of the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich, fans can score freebies and deals through the app now through August 13th! This Saturday, redeem a BOGO Chicken Sandwich deal through the app or their website. Other deals include free fries and bonus rewards points.

SOURCE: Chewboom

CROCS UNVEILS EDIBLE JIBBITZ: Crocs and Pop-Tarts are collaborating to create Crazy Good Jibbitz! The edible treats will be shaped like Crocs and made of gummy candy. For a chance to get your hands on some, enter your information on the Croc-Tarts website. If you on August 11th, 16th, and 18th.

SOURCE: Mashed