Food News: Jimmy John’s, Doritos, and Jack Link’s

Food News

JIMMY JOHN’S REVEALS MUNCHIE CRUNCHER SANDWICH: Jimmy John’s is releasing an exclusive 4/20 sandwich called the Munchie Crusher. The sandwich features turkey, provolone, avocado spread, cucumber, lettuce, tomato, pickles, basil and mayo. Still hungry? Score a free side the week of 4/20 by using promo code “FREESIDE” in the app.

SOURCE: Chewboom

DORITOS-FLAVORED BEEF JERKY NOW EXISTS: Have you seen this in stores yet?  Doritos-flavored BEEF JERKY is now a thing that exists. Frito-Lay partnered with Jack Link’s beef jerky for a new kind that’s supposed to taste like their Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos. They’re not doing it with their Nacho or Cool Ranch flavors yet.  But this at least opens the door for that possibility. They’re doing a Flamin’ Hot flavor as well, but apparently just the “hot” part.  It doesn’t taste like Doritos or Cheetos. The new flavors are also being offered as “meat sticks,” which are their version of Slim Jims. Frito-Lay claims fans have become loyal to their, quote, “iconic flavors.”  So they’re looking for ways to offer them in a “new form.”

SOURCES: Food & Wine / Frito-Lay