Four Activities That Are Making You Exhausted

Elisa Ventur Bmjaxaz6ads Unsplash

Wise Brothers-Chattanooga, TN

Ever find yourself tired for no reason? I mean you slept eight hours, had your coffee and you still find yourself dragging before lunch, what could be the issue? Before you run to Google and start self diagnosing yourself with some rare sickness, you could be tired because of these four things.

  1. Waiting too long between meals. You should be eating every five to six hours.
  2. Working at a messy desk. Too much clutter can distract your brain and make you take longer to complete simple tasks.
  3. Having too many tabs open. Like a cluttered desk, this can overwhelm and overstimulate your brain.
  4. Watching emotionally-charged television shows. If you binge watch shows that are emotionally charged it can be overstimulating. It could be positive or negative emotions, the results are still the same and can lead to mental fatigue, difficulty focusing, and low energy levels.

Courtesy of (Huff Post)