Four Pregnant Sisters

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Chattanooga, Tennessee—(Wise Brother)

Four sisters in England are in the news, because they’re all pregnant at the same time.  They say it’s just a coincidence, they didn’t plan it.

The youngest sister is 24, and the oldest is 41.  They’re both due later this year.  The two middle sisters are further along, and both due in May.

Kayleigh Stewart, 29, and her sister Jay Goodwillie, 35, are both due with baby boys in May. It will be Kayleigh’s first time as a mom, and Jay’s second.

Two of their other sisters, Kerry-Anne Thomson, 41, and Amy Goodwillie, 24, are earlier along in their pregnancies, with Kerry-Anne due in October and Amy due in August.

(Here’s a photo.)

(New York Post)