Halloween 2020

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Halloween 2020


Halloween 2020 is obviously going to be weird, just like the rest of the year. But if nothing else.. this year has taught us that loved ones are everything, creativity flows when in a lock-down and we’ve learned a lot this year. Whatever you do this Halloween, allow yourself to have a little fun! You deserve it!


Halloween piñatas are very popular this year! They’re a decent replacement for trick-or-treating, because your kids still get to be surprised by what kind of candy they get.

Halloween scavenger hunts either at home or in the neighborhood! Some parents are doing them in small groups, which can still be risky.  So if you really want to stay safe, keep it in the family and hide candy around your place Easter Egg-style.

Movie nights and indoor picnics with your favorite horror film.  A lot of parents are ordering pizza, watching scary movies, playing games, and letting kids have as much candy as they want.

Pumpkin carving.  We usually do it before Halloween.  But it’s a good thing to SAVE for Halloween this year, because it burns time and keeps kids occupied.

Build a human spider web! This is a great way to leave candy out, but not have a bowl of germs when you come back. This also encourages taking only one!

Another great way to request only taking one and keeping everyone clean and safe! Fill a bag up with candies and use a push pin or staple!