Have You Tried TikTok’s New “Tortilla Challenge”?

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It’s kind of refreshing that the newest TikTok challenge is actually FUN instead of dangerous.  It’s called the “Tortilla Challenge.”  And if you haven’t seen the videos, they’re great.

Here’s how you do it . . .

You need at least two people, and two tortillas…then you basically just SLAP each other with them.  However, here’s the twist:  You have to take a drink of water first, and hold it in your mouth.  The first person to laugh and do a spit-take loses.

Most people don’t last too long.  They get one or two slaps in before somebody laughs.  You can also do it with a big group in a circle and take turns.  Some people play rock-paper-scissors to see who goes first.

Photo by Brad on Unsplash