Hey Celebrity, What’s In Your Fridge?! Starring Patrick Core from WDEF News 12!

A refrigerator is a permanent fixture in your home. It’s dependable. It keeps your food safe. Meteorologist Patrick Core can relate. He has been a fixture in your homes for several years delivering the weather and keeping you safe on News 12 Now. Previously on Hey Celebrity, What’s In Your Fridge, we learned about Meteorologist Brian Smith’s refrigerator. So, this is part deux in the battle of the meteorologists. Let’s begin.
Patrick provided two pictures of his refrigerator! One with the doors closed and one with the fridge side open. This is a rare score for us. There are no mathematicians among us, but we know that two is better than one.
Patrick’s a family man or at least his refrigerator is. It’s decked out in family photos and unique magnets. A truly sentimental man likes to reflect on his legacy before opening those double doors of deliciousness. We note that Patrick rocks the endangered white double door Whirlpool fridge with in-door ice. Most people have opted for the stainless finish, but Patrick keeps the retro look complete with a crock pot that looks right out of 1973 beside his icebox. It truly chills us to the core…get it? Time to open ‘er up!
What a pleasant embrace we receive upon seeing Patrick’s fridge. I dare say, this fridge is the most relatable one we’ve come across during this season of Hey Celebrity, What’s In Your Fridge. It takes us back to a time when mom kept the refrigerator fully stocked and relatively organized despite at maximum capacity.
A blast of cold air rushes in from the north. A frost advisory has been issued to the person standing in front of the refrigerator. Once the fog burns off, we can see that this fridge is mostly sunny. In fact, it’s a picture perfect day in “refrigeratorland”.
We’ll start up north on the top shelf. Where it appears we see a trend among meteorologists…more cream! It looks like Patrick keeps two cans of the whipped variety towards the back of his fridge. Patrick’s a smart man, you never want to be caught without precious cream…apparently the life blood of all meteorologists. Pair that with some leftover Chinese food, some fruit, and some bread. The top shelf alone could set up a fine meal.
We’ll ride the southerly wind to the middle shelf where things get a little complicated. Perhaps the man that predicts for a living occasionally likes to be a bit unpredictable. We find a small bottle of sprite, sour cream, salad mix, and a sports drink. Wait, now it’s apparent that Patrick has put “S” foods on his middle shelf. We give that strategy an “A”.
This typhoon of taste moves to the middle as we hit the entree shelf. The eye of the storm is upon us. This is where the leftovers go to await their fate. They hunker down and hope that someone will come along to rescue them. Patrick’s poultry selection is powerful. It appears as if he has five stacks of chicken ready to be cooked and served. Why did the chicken cross the road? To end up on Patrick’s plate.
As the storm approaches the south, visibility is low as we hit the crisper bins. From what we can see, Patrick’s shredded cheese game is totally on point. Some fruits and vegetables are present proving that poultry isn’t Patrick’s only prowess. The bottom bin has some sweet treats as we can spot some cake icing.
The storm moves off shore. We look at the door. Here we see the butter bin has been transformed into a cheese cave. The butter’s there too but the attention is all focused on the individually wrapped processed cheese-type slices. He keeps his eggs in the door. Mighty risky keeping eggs in the door as they may end up on the floor. Patrick proves his practicality by placing the milk and juice in the door. Easy access…he’s got viewers that depend on him…he has no time to be fumbling around for his glass of OJ. His condiment selection is pretty standard. It’s the rare trifecta of actually having mayo, mustard, and ketchup. Barbecue sauce, steak sauce, ranch dressing. He’s got all the condiments you would find at your local chain restaurant. Really…what more do you need?
Patrick’s fridge is a snapshot of Americana. Family photos on the outside…processed cheese slices on the inside…all next to a 1970’s era crock pot. If we were casting refrigerators for a family style sitcom. We would surely pick Patrick’s as it stands out by not standing out at all. A lot of the fridges we feature leave us scratching our heads (we should have that checked out), but inside Core’s doors is beauty for sure. Where one fridge door closes…another opens…stay tuned for the next edition of Hey Celebrity, What’s In Your Fridge?!

Listen to Patrick dive deep into his fridge HERE: