How Much Are You Worth On The Dark Web?

Markus Spiske Iar Afb0qqw UnsplashPhoto by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

There are so many password breaches and companies getting hacked it’s impossible to keep up.  So when hackers or corrupt data mining firms DO get their hands on your info… what’s it worth to them?

A cybersecurity firm called Privacy Affairs just studied what your logins and personal info sell for on the dark web.  Here’s what they found…

1.  Your hacked Gmail is worth $65.

2.  Hacked Facebook account… $45.

3.  Uber… $15.  That’s for a rider account.  A hacked driver account is $35.

4.  Stolen PayPal account details, with minimum $1,000 balances … $20.

5.  Credit card details and associated information …between $17 and $120.

6.  Your entire online identity, including bank logins and PINs … $1,010.