How To Save Money at the Supermarket

How to fight inflation on your next trip for groceries.

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Inflation has increased at its fastest rate in 18 years – which we can definitely see in rising grocery costs. Bacon prices are up by 18%; the price of eggs has risen by 10%.

If you’re looking for ways to feed your family while your wallet feeds inflation, here are some tips:

Stock up! Buy staples like canned and frozen vegetables, pasta and rice in bulk so you won’t have to buy new items each week. Buying these staples in bulk can help you save.

Go prepared! Write out your grocery list for the week and stick to it! Leanne Brown, the author of the self-care cookbook, Good Enough, says “Meal planning definitely reduces costs. If you stick to it, you don’t waste food that you bought without a plan.”

Look! Sometimes the best deals are on your supermarket’s website or app.

Change your menu! Brown says since meat and dairy tend to be the more expensive “aim to make more meals that don’t rely on them as the central ingredient.”