A Psychologist Says Johnny Depp Repeatedly Sexually Assaulted Amber Heard

Dr. Dawn Hughes, a New-York based clinical and forensic psychologist, testified in Johnny Depp‘s defamation trial on Tuesday (May 3rd), detailing how Amber Heard was repeatedly “subjected to sexual violence” by Depp. She also said that Heard that suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of this violence.

“There are a number of incidents of sexual violence reported in this relationship. Those are documented early on … where when Mr. Depp was drunk or high. He threw her on the bed, ripped off her nightgown and tried to have sex with her,” Hughes said.

When Depp was “not able to perform” during these instances, he would become “enraged,” she said. “There were times when he forced her to give him oral sex when he was angry — these weren’t loving moments, these were angry moments.”

In a haunting addition to her testimony, Hughes said that at one point, Depp screamed, “I will kill you,” and penetrated Heard with a bottle. She added that she hoped it “wasn’t the broken one.”

According to Hughes, Depp “pushed Heard, he shoved her, he slapped her with the front of his hand and the back of his hand, he choked her, he slammed her into the wall, he pushed her, and when she fell down he kicked her in the back.”

Hughes added, “The intimate partner violence by Mr. Depp was the cause of Heard’s PTSD condition.”