Ariana Grande Gets Emotional Discussing Beauty And Botox

Ariana Grande Getting Geared Up For ‘wicked’

Ariana Grande revealed in a new video for Vogue’s beauty secrets series that she has “had a ton of lip filler over the years and Botox” but has since given up the treatments. “I stopped in 2018 because I just felt so… too much,” she said. “I just felt like hiding, you know?” Grande then started to get emotional. “For a long time, beauty was about hiding for me, and now I feel like maybe it’s not,” she continued. “Since I stopped getting fillers and Botox — and maybe I’ll start again one day, I don’t know, to each their own. Whatever makes you feel beautiful, I do support,” she said. “But I know for me, I was just like, ‘Oh, I wanna see my well-earned cry lines and smile lines.'” Grande wants to embrace the aging process. “I hope my smile lines get deeper and deeper, and I laugh more and more,” she said. “I just think aging can be such a beautiful thing.”