Ariana Madix Tells Tom Sandoval ‘I Am Not Your Fleshlight’ In New Interview

Ariana Madix Says Tom Sandoval’s Family Knew Of His Affair
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Ariana Madix opened up about the lack of “intimacy” between her and her ex-boyfriend, Tom Sandoval, in an interview with Glamour published on Thursday (June 8th). This comes after Sandoval mocked her for wearing a t-shirt during sex on the Vanderpump Rules reunion Wednesday night (June 7th).

“I feel like I’m someone who craves intimacy outside of just penetrative sex,” Madix told the outlet. “And that was something that I was deprived of for so long. As women, we might bring something up a bunch of times and then we just stop. That’s where I was at. I was like, ‘I cannot keep nagging this man to want to come home and spend time with me.'”

The reality star added, “The way that so many men act like they are entitled to your body and entitled to sex because you’re in a relationship with them. I am not your Fleshlight. I spelled out what I needed, but hello. It’s a two-person situation.”

Madix also dropped a new t-shirt on Thursday (June 8th) that reads, “F—k me in this t-shirt.”