Ashley Judd Says She ‘Lost A Big Job’ After Speaking Out Against Donald Trump And ‘Male Sexual Violence’

Ashley Judd Says She Had A ‘restorative Justice Conversation’ With The Man Who Raped Her
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Ashley Judd addressed the need to end sexual violence at the Clinton Global Initiative in New York on Monday (September 18th). The Double Jeopardy actress, who went on record as one of Harvey Weinstein‘s accusers in the 2017 New York Times exposé, also shared how speaking out about this ongoing problem has affected her career.

“Male sexual violence is the up with which we will not put, and, for me, it’s just the hill on which I’m willing to die,” she said, delivering an impassioned speech. “I’ve seen too much agony, too many shattered souls, and too many women controlled and held back.”

“The media calls me a man hater and of course, my social media goes bananas with rape and death threats. I’m used to that,” the High Crimes actress added, before sharing how her advocacy has cost her work in the past. “This will be what it will be because we’re here to tell the truth. This is telling truth to patriarchy. Just like when I lost a big job after the Women’s March. I quoted the president. He said it, he got elected. I quoted him, I got fired and lost income that would’ve changed my life.”