Cardi B And Offset Reveal First Photo And Name Of Seven Month Old Son

Cardi B and Offset have finally revealed a photo and the name of their seven-month-old son. Cardi shared a photo of the baby in a swing with two diamond necklaces around his neck, along with the caption, “Wave Set Cephus.”

The couple are currently on the cover of Essence with their two kids and Offset’s three kids from previous relationships. In the cover story, the two opened up about their marriage, saying that when they first started dating, it wasn’t smooth sailing.

Offset said, “I had a little luggage.” Cardi replied, “And I had to unpack it.” They also discussed their first year of marriage being tough, saying, “I feel like our first year, even though we were in love with each other, we had a lot of lust. We didn’t really know each other like that, because he was doing four shows a week. I was doing four shows a week. We would see each other about three or four times a month.”

The couple revealed that they are now closer than ever. Cardi said, “We understand each other more now. To me, it’s serious, locked in for life—partnership sh-t, best friend sh-t. Sometimes it’s like, okay, he’s my husband, but he’s really my best friend. We pick each other up when we’re down. I feel like nobody has my back like him—and he knows I got his back all the way, no matter what, and nothing could come in between that.”