Cardi B Responds To Criticism That She’s Trying To Boost Album Sales With Old Songs

Cardi B is responding to criticism that she’s putting older songs on her sophomore album just to boost sales.

The rapper confirmed on the Playboy-housed Centerfold platform that both “WAP” and “UP” will be featured on her forthcoming album despite the songs being released in 2020 and 2021. Fans took to social media accusing her of adding the hits in order to get certifications for her album.

Cardi wrote on Twitter, “Lmaaaoooooo imagine me not putting my OWN records on my album.”

According to Complex, she also responded to a now-deleted tweet with, “Why haven’t you said nothing about other artists who recently put songs b4 the pandemic on their album or people that have to put other people songs on their sh*t ..Imagine my biggest song not being on a album.”