Celebrity Gossip

PAUL DANO COULDN’T SLEEP WHILE FILMING RIDDLER SCENES FOR THE BATMAN: According to IndieWire, Paul Dano had trouble sleeping while filming The Batman. The Little Miss Sunshine actor commented on his role as The Riddler: “There were some nights around that I probably didn’t sleep as well as I would’ve wanted to just because it was a little hard to come down from this character. It takes a lot of energy to get there. And so you almost have to sustain it once you’re there because going up and down is kind of hard.” Dano added that he wrapped himself in plastic wrap to get into character, since The Riddler takes extreme measures to prevent leaving DNA at crime scenes. “My head was just throbbing with heat. I went home that night, after the first full day in that, and I almost couldn’t sleep because I was scared of what was happening to my head. It was like compressed from the sweat and the heat and the lack of oxygen. It was a crazy feeling,” he said.

JAMES GUNN AND JENNIFER HOLLAND ARE ENGAGED: Entertainment Weekly reports that Peacemaker director James Gunn and Peacemaker star Jennifer Holland are engaged. The pair have been dating since 2015. On Sunday (February 20th), Gunn posted a photo of Holland to Instagram, holding a coffee cup and showing off her stunning engagement ring. Gunn captioned the post with a smirk and a red heart.

THE AND JUST LIKE THAT… CAST ADDRESSES MEGHAN MCCAIN’S COMMENTS: According to Page Six, the cast of And Just Like That… responded to Meghan McCain‘s comments that the show was too “woke” for featuring a more diverse cast than the original series. Cynthia Nixon said on Andy Cohen‘s Siris XM radio show, “This is a show that has always pushed every kind of boundary. I think that that’s what’s so magnificent about the new show — about how many different directions we’re going with that, and pushing boundaries and shaking people up. And most importantly, shaking the characters up. We don’t want to see these characters … comfortable. We want to see them out of their comfort zones.” Nicole Ari Parker added, “Comments like that say more about the person saying them. What’s too much? Maybe in your living room or when you step outside, it looks the same as inside, and you go to the grocery store and it’s the same. Maybe it is too much for you. For these characters in New York City, it’s not.”

MOLLY RINGWALD’S MOTHER FORGOT HER BIRTHDAY: Molly Ringwald mirrored her Sixteen Candles character Samantha Baker in a screenshot she posted recently featuring texts from her mother. In the conversation, Ringwald says to her mom, “That’s it? You don’t have anything else to say to me today?” To which her mom replies, “I didn’t realize it was the 18th today. Happy birthday! I haven’t got your present in the mail. Will do very soon.” Ringwald responded, “Life imitates art.”