Danielle Fishel Says ‘Male Executive’ Had A Calendar Photo Of Her In His Bedroom

Danielle Fishel opened up about the disturbing amount of attention she got from adult men as a child actor on a recent episode of her podcast, Pod Meets World.

“I had people tell me they had my 18th birthday on their calendar,” she said. “I had a male executive — I did a calendar shoot at 16 — and he specifically told me he had a certain calendar month in his bedroom.”

The Boy Meets World actress said she didn’t view this as “creepy or weird” at the time. “As a kid, I always wanted to be older. I always wanted to be an adult. I wanted to be seen as an adult,” she explained. “So getting adult male attention as a teenage girl felt like — I didn’t think of it as being creepy or weird.”

Fishel added, “I felt like it was validation that I was mature and I was an adult and I was capable and that they were seeing me the way I was, not for the number on a page. And in hindsight, that is absolutely wrong.”