Ezra Miller Tells Cops Misgendering Them Is A ‘Hate Crime’ In New Bodycam Footage

The Flash actor Ezra Miller has been arrested multiple times in Hawaii recently, and new bodycam footage from an arrest in March shows them insisting that Hawaii police officers stop misgendering them.

In the new video, Miller complains about experiencing wrist pain from the cuffs, adding that they are a musician and that their nerves are important to them.

Following this, an officer refers to Miller as “sir,” which clearly upsets Miller. “I’m not a sir. I’m transgender nonbinary,” they reply. Miller continues, “If you fail to do that again, it is an act of intentional bigotry and it is a technical hate crime according to U.S. Federal law.”

The new footage comes from Miller’s arrest in March for disorderly conduct and harassment.