Fans Criticize Kim Kardashian For Being ‘Controlling’ In Video With Pete Davidson

Some fans aren’t happy with the way Kim Kardashian treated Pete Davidson in a behind-the-scenes video at Ripley’s Believe It Or Not in Orlando, uploaded recently to the Kardashian Social Instagram account.

In the video, Davidson can be seen wearing two hats: a purple one on top of a navy one. Kardashian says, “Take the double hat off,” to which the Saturday Night Live star responds, “I didn’t know where to put my hat.”

“She’ll hold it, just in case, because if it works and we want to use this somewhere. Just if I want to post any behind-the-scenes,” Kardashian says. “Oh you don’t want me to have a double hat? I appreciate that. Thank you,” the comedian says. Kardashian replies, “I’m just looking out for you.”

One fan commented, “She’s controlling. She’s not letting him be himself by wearing two hats. Let him wear two freaking hats, Kim. It’s all about her Instagram aesthetic. Within five months he’s going to be a complete accessory.”

Another wrote, “nah def red flag passive aggressive behavior. Instead of telling him she doesn’t want him to make her look bad, which is what she’s implying. She said she’s looking out for him. It’s giving controlling and selfish.”