Harry Hamlin Brags About His ‘Lack Of’ Erectile Dysfunction

Harry Hamlin has made it clear that he doesn’t have “that condition.” In an interview with Andy Cohen for Interview released on Tuesday (March 1st), Hamlin said he and Lisa Rinna are still having “great sex.”

Considering the fact that Hamlin and Rinna have been married for almost 25 years, Cohen asked the 70-year-old Clash of the Titans actor, “I’ve talked to many other married couples who’ve been married for 10-plus years, 15-plus years, 20-plus years, who can’t say that the sex is still great. What do you attribute it to?”

Hamlin replied, “I’m sorry about that. A lack of ED erectile dysfunction, perhaps? … I don’t have that condition.”

“Do you take a special pill? Or you’re just Harry Hamlin?” asked Cohen.

Hamlin responded, “I am Harry Hamlin. I’ve never had the blue pill. Is it blue or purple?”

“I believe it’s blue,” Cohen said.