Harry Styles Says Billie Eilish Helped Him Realize Who He Is As A Musician

Harry Styles revealed to Zane Lowe that Billie Eilish helped him get over his need to be the youngest, most exciting star.

He said seeing her success made him realize he wasn’t that young anymore and added, “I just had a moment where I felt like, ‘Okay, we are not the same thing.’ And in the same vein of, you’re not always going to be the young thing, I was like, ‘Okay. I would like to really think about who I would like to be as a musician.'”

Even though they have met a few times, he says he never told her about the influence she’s had on him. He told Lowe, “She totally broke the spell for me in a way that I’m very grateful for that. It’s maybe weird because I’ve never told her that, but for me it just let me go.”