Jackass Forever Leaves Moonfall In The Dust At Weekend Box Office

Jackass Forever producers leaned on TikTok to promote the new comedy, and they saw the fruits of their labor at the weekend box office. The film pulled in $23.5 million, while Moonfall struggled to keep up, earning a mere $10 million. As for the film that’s been at the top of the charts for weeks, according to Deadline, Spider-Man: No Way Home is just $11.55 million away from beating out Avatar for the No. 3 spot on the list of highest-grossing films at the domestic box office.

Box Office Numbers from Friday, February 4th, through Sunday, February 6th:

1. Jackass Forever, $23.5 million
2. Moonfall, $10 million
3. Spider-Man: No Way Home, $9.6 million
4. Scream, $4.7 million
5. Sing 2, $4.17 million
6. The King’s Man, $1.1 million
7. Redeeming Love, $1 million
8. American Underdog, $800,000
9. The 355, $700,000
10. The Wolf and the Lion, $679,000