John Travolta Adopts Dog From Oscars’ Betty White Tribute

If you thought the puppy that Jamie Lee Curtis was holding during the Oscars’ Betty White tribute was irresistible, you’re not alone. John Travolta and his 11-year-old son, Ben, were so enamored with Mac N Cheese that they adopted her themselves.

Jamie Lee Curtis posted to Instagram on Monday (March 28th), “A MAGICAL ending to the story from last night. At the Oscars I reconnected with my friend, John Travolta … I had already left the Dolby theater last night after honoring Betty White and was on my way home when someone texted me a photo of John holding little mac & cheese in the green room before his presentation of the best actor Oscar.”

She continued, “I thought it was so beautiful to see him with her and then today I found out that he and his son, Ben have adopted beautiful little mac & cheese and are taking her home today. It is an emotional end and a perfect tribute to Betty White.”