Johnny Depp Allegedly Put His Cigarette Out On Amber Heard

Monday (April 25th) marked the eighth day of Johnny Depp‘s defamation trial against his ex-wife Amber Heard. In one of many audio recordings played in court depicting the former couple’s volatile relationship, Heard says to Depp, “Go put your f—ing cigarettes out on someone else. You f—ing have consequences for your actions!”

As Heard’s lawyer pointed out, Depp doesn’t deny putting his cigarette out on Heard, and instead replies, “Shut up, fat ass.”

While on the stand, Depp called this “another grossly exaggerated moment” and said that he “did not put out a cigarette on her or throw a cigarette at her.”

Other audio clips feature Heard saying, “After you beat the sh*t out of me then a week later you show up at my doorstep,” and “I’m gonna die! You’re causing me so much stress.”