Kanye West Has Been Suspended From Instagram For 24 Hours

Kanye West has been suspended from Instagram for 24 hours for violating policies on harrassment and bullying. Ye called Trevor Noah a coon for commenting on his behavior on Instagram. According to TMZ, a Meta spokesperson said that Ye “violated Instagram’s policies on hate speech, harassment and bullying,” so West will not be able “to post, comment, send DM’s, among other things.”

In other news, D.L. Hughley responded to Kanye’s recent disses towards him, saying, “Now Kanye! When you say you had to explain my jokes to people, are these real people, or the ones you keep in your head?”

He continued, “Ye is at it again huh?? Welp at least I wasn’t crying on the phone about how big Pete’s Peter is! If you want her back instead acting up, why don’t you try doing some d**k ups!”

He added, “Kanye do you know how horrible you gotta be to make a Kardashian date a white man?” He also defended his fashion choices and said, “All those people in your head and not one of em got a Macy’s card?”