Kim Cattrall Says Her Mother Taught Her To ‘Defend’ Herself

Kim Cattrall Reveals Why She Wasn’t On ‘and Just Like That’
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Kim Cattrall is grateful for the lessons she learned from her mother. The Sex and the City actress spoke with Vogue Greece for a September cover story about how her mother’s influence has helped her navigate obstacles in life.

“For me, a woman in her 60s, I think that the biggest challenge is to keep being relevant, to keep working, to have something to say. My idol was always my mother,” she told the outlet. “Even though she could never connect to a job that made her happy, and she was depressed and alone for long periods of time, she never lost her spirit.”

Cattrall added, “That’s something she passed on to me. I am thankful to her for teaching me to defend myself and not allow others to control my narrative. That is a very important lesson for young women.”

This comes after the How I Met Your Father actress made a brief cameo on And Just Like That…, amid her ongoing feud with Sarah Jessica Parker and other cast members.