Kim Kardashian Proves That She Did Actually Eat ‘Beyond Meat’ Foods

Kim Kardashian got a lot of flack when a viral Beyond Meat ad came out last week featuring her as the brand’s “Chief Taste Consultant.”

“I believe so much in the mission of Beyond Meat that I’ve stepped in to help with my greatest asset — my taste,” she says in the commercial. However, fans criticized the reality star for not actually taking any bites out of the food she was promoting.

On Tuesday (May 31st), Kardashian posted a series of behind-the-scenes videos to her Instagram Stories, showing herself enjoying the Beyond Meat products. The outtakes show Kardashian biting into a burger, sausage, and tenders.

“Guys, come on,” she wrote under one of the clips. Beyond Meat also shared the reel of outtakes, captioning the post, “What @kimkardashian said.”