Kristen Bell Opens Up About Her Marriage With Dax Shepard

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Kristen Bell spoke with Entertainment Tonight in an interview published Wednesday (September 13th) about why she thinks her marriage with Dax Shepard has been so successful. The pair were wed in 2013 and have two daughters together.

Along with sharing “common goals,” the Good Place actress said, “Understanding that your partner used to be a little person is the best thing you can do.”

Bell explained, “Sometimes if we’re ever on the verge of a fight, one of us will say — it’s usually Dax — ‘I feel like 8-year-old Dax right now.’ And I’m able to see him like I see my kids, which is in a very different way and go, ‘Oh yeah, you’re a little person that had trauma and triggers and it’s not about me. But if I could change my behavior in a way that benefits our relationship, why wouldn’t I do that?”

She also shared that she has “so much trust” in the Bless This Mess actor.