Lizzo Ignored Manager’s Call About Emmys Nomination Because She Was Editing A TikTok

Lizzo revealed that she ignored her manager’s call about her Emmys nomination because she was busy editing a TikTok video.

The rapper told Deadline, “I ignored the call and kept editing. ‘I gotta finish this TikTok before I get on this plane.’ Then he called my assistant, and he was like, ‘Put her on the phone now!’ I found out that way. So that was pretty awesome.”

She continued, “I think I’m more excited about what I’m going to wear. Like, it’s just a big deal to be there. This is going to be my first Emmys, my first Emmys carpet. I want to feel like the belle of the ball. So, I think I’m more excited about planning my look than a speech.”

Lizzo received six nominations for her Amazon Prime series Watch Out for the Big Grrrls.