Matthew McConaughey Delivers Impassioned Speech On Gun Reform At White House Press Briefing

Matthew McConaughey is on a mission to change gun laws. The Oscar-winner was born in Uvalde, Texas, where the Robb Elementary School shooting took place. He has been on the ground trying to effect change since the tragedy took place.

A day after publishing an op-ed in The Austin American-Statesman on “gun responsibility,” the Dallas Buyers Club actor gave an emotional speech at the White House urging lawmakers to enact gun reform legislation.

On Tuesday (June 7th), McConaughey stood at the press briefing podium and held up a drawing by Alithia Ramirez, one of the victims who was just 10 years old. He shared that she dreamed of going to art school in Paris.

McConaughey later fought back tears as his wife, Camila Alves, held up a pair of green Converse sneakers that belonged to Maite Rodriguez, another one of the victims. The shoes were the “only clear evidence that could identify her,” he said, slamming the podium.

“Can both sides see beyond the political problem at hand and admit that we have a life preservation problem on our hands?” McConaughey pleaded.