Megan Thee Stallion Does First Interview About Alleged Tory Lanez Shooting

Megan Thee Stallion sat down with CBS Mornings for her first interview about the shooting that allegedly involved rapper Tory Lanez. The rapper told Gayle King that there was an argument in the car following a disagreement in the Hollywood Hills back in July 2020. She said, “That’s like normal friend stuff. We fuss about silly stuff all the time, but I never put my hands on anybody, I never raised my voice too loud. This was one of them times where it was like, ‘It shouldn’t have got this crazy.'”

Megan said she wanted to leave but the other passengers did not. Megan said she exited the car and things escalated from there. She explained, “Everything happens so fast. And all I hear is this man screaming. He said, ‘Dance, b*tch’ and he started shooting. And I’m just like, ‘Oh my God.’ He shot a couple of times and I was so scared.”

Megan alleged that Tory was standing over the window shooting and she was afraid to move out of fear he could kill her. She explained, “I didn’t want to move too quick ’cause I’m like, ‘Oh my God, if I take the wrong step, I don’t know if he can shoot something that’s like super important and I don’t know if he could shoot me and kill me.'”

Megan was hospitalized and underwent surgery after being shot in the foot. When asked if she was “afraid for her life,” she said, “I was really scared ’cause I had never been shot at before.”

Earlier this month, Tory was taken into custody for tweeting about the shooting, a violation of the discovery protective order and personal contact order. He was released after posting $350,000 bail. A trial date has been set for Sept. 14th.

Megan’s interview airs today (April 25th) on CBS Mornings.