Miley Cyrus Teases New Single With ‘Hannah Montana’ Nostalgia

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Miley Cyrus teased her nostalgic new single, ‘Used To Be Young,’ by looking back at her Hannah Montana days. “Hannah’s for kids, Miley’s for grown ass men in heels,” she says in a clip of herself watching the final episode. In it, her younger self blows a kiss as she leaves her fictional house for the last time. Miley then jokingly adds “the drama,” while imitating the kiss. As the show’s vocal transition plays, she gasps. “This is how I say goodbye to everyone now,” she exclaims, before recreating the classic outro.

Miley’s fellow Disney Channel-alum Selena Gomez is also releasing a new single this week, and the two joked about the coincidence. Selena shared a Hannah Montana clip featuring both of them, writing: “@mileycyrus and I both have a SINGLE SOON and we are releasing on the same day. We have been friends since we USED TO BE YOUNG. Excited for August 25!!!” Miley shared the post with her own pun. “@selenagomez and I are both dropping our SINGLEs SOON. I say we #USEDTOBEYOUNG.”