Nicki Minaj Held Chaotic Meet & Greet In London

Nicki Minaj Attended The Met Gala For The First Time Since 2019

Nicki Minaj held an impromptue meet and greet with fans in Camden Town, London yesterday (July 11th) and it turned chaotic due to the size of the crowd. Minaj even was shown on camera shoving one fan who got a little too close, telling the fan “back up.” The fanlater wrote via social media, “Nicki Minaj literally pushed me omg 😂. My fave literally touched me 😂😍.”

The fan further commented that he was “just happy Nicki touched” him. “Thank you Nicki for stopping by.”

After seeing the crowd of people who showed up at Cafe Koko, Nicki told fans on social media, “Guys, if you don’t get in a contained space they won’t let me get out the cars. Pls sic don’t run in the streets. Please get in 1 place. 1 line 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼.”

Police were forced to surround the rapper and decided it was best to escort her back to her car so they could get a better handle on the crowds, but ultimately had to cancel the event.

In other news, following her comments at Essence Fest, where she called Kanye West a clown, it appears that Ye has unfollowed Nicki Minaj.