Nicki Minaj Reveals Why She Pulled Her Verse Off Of Coi Leray’s New Song

Nicki Minaj has revealed why she initially pulled her verse off of Coi Leray‘s new single “Blick Blick.” She revealed via Instagram, “Verse of the year is LOADING.” When a fan wrote, “This is the first time in a while I saw Nicki hype up her own verse. Omg, I’m excited.” Nicki responded, “Right. I said the same thing to Republic. I normally don’t love my verse on anything. I’m always still making changes in my head.”

She also talked about receiving multiple requests for features, saying, “I had gotten six different feature requests & it was really just the song itself that made me choose. I couldn’t get Coi verse out of my head. I just loved all her choices. And someone I know well confirmed she really writes her stuff, so I respected her more.”

She added, “Just like w|bia… loved every single choice she made on WLM. I love these unique girls. But keep in mind, I’m just a rap fan like everybody else. Even with my own verses, what I love may not be what you love. And that’s ok.”

She was also asked why she pulled the song after Coi’s father Benzino had announced the collaboration prematurely, saying, “I did pull it. pink pow emoji but the label hit me going hard. But rlly I had a private convo w|coi & that’s what changed my mind. Not the label. I just felt bad that she was robbed of telling the world in her own way @ her own time. But that’s water under the bridge now. Good vibes all 2022.”