Pikes Peak International Hill Climb Fun Facts

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO — (News Release) Think you know everything about The Broadmoor Pikes Peak International Hill Climb? Here are some fun facts and trivia questions to test your knowledge!

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Who was Rookie of the Year 25 years ago in 1996?
Clint Vahsholtz – the first year he raced in a car.

Who was King of the Mountain 25 years ago in 1996?
Rod Millen

How many turns are on the course?

How many miles is the race course?
12.42 miles

How many Ferrari’s have run in the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb?

Who was the first racer to shatter the 10-minute barrier?
In 2011 Japan’s Nobuhiro “Monster” Tajima finally cracked the elusive 10-minute mark in 9:51.278.

Name the car and the driver that teamed up to set the overall course record in 2018?
The Volkswagen I.D. R Pikes Peak driven by Romain Dumas. – 7 minutes 57 seconds.

Which car manufacturer has the most wins on Pikes Peak?

How many corners are named after people on Pikes Peak?
5 – Hansen’s Corner, Gayler’s Straits, Heitman’s Hill, Gilly’s Corner and George’s Corner.

What section is known as the fastest section of the course?
Halfway Picnic Grounds

Who is the only driver to set 5 consecutive overall course records?
Bobby Unser

Over the years, times have fallen how many minutes?
 7 minutes
 9 minutes
 12 minutes
 15 minutes

Only two men have ever won PPIHC and The Indy 500 in the same year. Who are they?
Bobby Unser in 1968 and Mario Andretti in 1969

Who is the only racer to complete the course in under 10 minutes – on a motorcycle and in a race car?
Greg Tracy in 2012 and 2014, respectively.

What year was the Pikes Peak Hill Climb first run?

What was the name of the original award given to the overall winner at Pikes Peak?
Penrose Trophy

Who crossed the finish line driving backward?
Louis Unser in 1949.

Who raced for 40 years on Pikes Peak?
Randy Schranz – father of Layne Schranz

Who was nicknamed the Flying Frenchwoman?
Michele Mouton

Between 1985 and 1987 Audi won at Pikes Peak with three different drivers. What model did they all drive?
Audi Quattro

Back in the first few years of the race a man would join the driver in the car on the way up. What was that man’s job?
 Navigator
 Mechanic
 Timer

True or False – Semi Trucks have raced on Pikes Peak.
True – most notably Mike Ryan.

Who is the only driver to set records in two separate divisions on the same day?
Leonard Vahsholtz in 1993.

Which Fast and Furious movie includes scenes filmed on Pikes Peak?
Furious 7

Name a manufacturer that brought a twin-engine car to Pikes Peak.
Suzuki and Volkswagen

Which driver won in each of these divisions – Open Wheel, Stock Car, Sports Car and Rally?
Bobby Unser

Name the type of Open Wheel car developed in the mid-1970s specifically for Pikes Peak?
Wells Coyote

What is the name of the 1987 film of Ari Vatanen’s record-setting run in the Peugeot 205 Turbo?
Climb Dance

What is the first year the race was shortened due to bad weather?

True or False – A natural gas-powered car raced on Pikes Peak?
True – Johnny Unser in 1993

Who set two Production records with Bentley, in the Bentayga SUV and in the Continental GT?
Rhys Millen in 2018 and 2019

How many drivers set their fastest time (personal best) on Pikes Peak in 2020?

What year did a woman first compete on Pikes Peak?
1960 – Joyce Thompson entered the Sports Car division.

Who holds the most division wins on Pikes Peak?
Clint Vahsholtz of Woodland Park has won his division or class an amazing 24 times.

Name the oldest vehicle competing in this year’s race:
Scott Birdsall’s 1949 Ford F1 truck, known as Old Smokey. It is the also the current diesel record holder.

How did Devils Playground get its name?
Devils Playground is named for the lightning that frequently strikes near this area.

Who won the Pikes Peak Hill Climb 100 years ago?
King Rhiley – was King of the Mountain!

Name the 2020 Rookie of the Year returning to compete this year?
Kathryn Mead in the Porsche Pikes Peak Trophy by Yokohama division

Name one of the two father/son teams to compete this year?
Craig & Zach Lumsden; Dan & Trevor Aweida

Name one of the two teams of brothers competing this year?
James & Nick Robinson; Rodney & Earl O’Maley

True or False – A Tesla is competing on Pikes Peak this year.
False – actually three Tesla Model 3s will face off in the Exhibition Division – Allan, Pobst and Yoshihara