Quickies: Avril Lavigne, BTS, + Demi Lovato!

AVRIL LAVIGNE DROPS NEW ALBUM: Avril Lavigne released her seventh studio album, Love Sux, on Friday (Feb. 25th). The 12-track album marks the first new music to be released from the star since 2019. Love Sux showcases Lavigne’s pop-punk sound, featuring collaborations with artist like Machine Gun Kelly, Mark Hoppus and blackbear. 

BTS DROPS NEW MERCH: BTS dropped their official merchandise collaboration with HYBE at Nordstrom on Friday (Feb. 25th) and pieces quickly began to sell out.  The store’s website features 50 pieces of unisex clothing, home items, stickers, buttons, and more ranging from $9 to $110.

DEMI LOVATO’S FAVORITE BAND IS TURNSTILE: Demi Lovato spent time hanging out with their favorite band last week.  On Friday (Feb. 25th), the singer shared a photo on Instagram in which they wore wide leg jeans, a white t-shirt and a black bucket hat while posing next to the band, Turnstile.  They wrote, “My favorite band (Turnstile) & my favorite hat (apparently)”