R. Kelly Criticizes His Former Attorney’s For Not Removing Jurors Who Saw Tell-All Documentary

According to the New York Daily News, R. Kelly is upset with his former attorneys and recently filed an affidavit criticizing them over the jury selection process in his sexual abuse case. Kelly claims that there were several jurors who “may” have seen the 2019 Surviving R. Kelly documentary.

Kelly wrote, “At certain points during jury selection, I did hear that some jurors may have seen the Surviving R. Kelly docuseries and that concerned me greatly. I raised my concerns with my attorneys but they shooed me off. I was nothing more than a bystander in the process. … There was no strategy involved in choosing the jurors that sat on my jury as far as I could tell. At least there was no trial strategy that involved my input.”

The singer has was convicted of federal racketeering and sex trafficking charges.

He is scheduled to be sentenced on May 4 and faces a maximum of life in prison.