Report: Cardi B Exits Assisted Living Movie One Week Before Start Of Production

According to a new report, Cardi B has “backed away” from her debut lead role in the upcoming movie “Assisted Living.” According to Deadline, the rapper exited the Paramount Pictures production just one week before production was set to begin. Word is that the film’s cast and crew were only just informed of the news.

Cardi was set to play Amber, a small-time crook who finds herself in over her head when a heist goes wrong. On the run from the cops and her former crew, she struggles to find a hiding spot. She ends up disguises herself as an elderly lady and goes undercover at her grandma’s senior citizens nursing home.

Thenbi Banks was tapped to direct the film, which has a $30 million budget.

A source said Cardi exited the show because she is “overextended.” Sources added that the hope is that the film will be back on track later this year.