Report: Will Smith Has Been Unhappy With Jada Pinkett-Smith For Years

Rumor has it that Will Smith has been unhappy with Jada Pinkett-Smith for years and sources say that she has become impossible to please. According to OK! Magazine, in addition to to their marriage, the sources say that Jada has become “extremely demanding” with staff, resulting in her losing several longtime staff members.

One source said, “Will and Jada previously kept household staff for many years, with no complaints….But within the last five years, Jada became extremely demanding, and they cycled through chefs, security guards and trainers.”

An inside source close to the couple claims that Jada has grown an unbearable attitude that has progressively worsened over the years. Her attitude has allegedly upset everyone around her.

The source said, “On set, Will believes he deserves to have assistants at his beck and call, luxury trailers and special meals catered to him….He thinks he knows best and he’s not afraid to share his opinion.”

The source attributes Jada’s demanding energy to her shift over the past 5 years. According to the source, Pinkett-Smith’s number one focus is expanding her Facebook series The Red Table Talk. The source explained,”It’s her top priority, and she doesn’t have time to be holding Will’s hand and acting as his de facto therapist…She expects him to man up, stop moping and pull himself together.”