Wendy Williams Blasts Well Fargo Bank

Wendy Williams went live on social media to blast her bank Wells Fargo. As previously reported, Wells Fargo has been trying to keep Wendy from accessing her money and it has been alleged that her former manager, Bernie Young, is now making his bid to become her legal guardian.

She is reportedly fighting against his attempts. Wendy revealed via IG Live, “My thing is that I’ve been asking questions about my money and when I begin asking questions about my money, suddenly Lori Schiller has got no response regarding my money. I want my money. This is not fair.”

She also accused Bernie Young of using her American Express card to hire an attorney. She said, “I know for a fact that Bernie Young used my American Express card to hire an attorney to file a petition against me. That was done with my American Express card.”

Wendy also mentioned a doctor that she fired, saying, “Then there’s this person. A former doctor had medical information about me that I never even got. It was sent over to Lori Schiller. So, I haven’t gotten this stuff. I fired this doctor and, again, all I want to know is where is my money? This is not right, and certainly, this is not fair.”

Wendy also said that Wells Fargo used “all this stuff to create the guardianship over me.” She added, “Without evidence, they took all of this information and continued with what’s going on with me, based on what Well Fargo is doing.”

Wendy ended the video with “Please let me have access to my money. This is not right, and again, this is not fair. Have a pleasant day. Thank you.”