Witness Says Treat Williams Was ‘Conscious And Verbal’ Following Motorcycle Accident

Treat Williams Dies At 71
Getty Images

According to a Vermont resident who witnessed Treat Williams‘ fatal motorcycle accident on Monday (June 12th), the Everwood actor was “conscious and verbal” when paramedics arrived at the scene.

Matt Rapphahn, the owner of the auto repair shop Long Trail Auto in East Dorset, Vermont, told People that he turned around “just in time” to see Williams being thrown approximately 15 feet after getting hit by a 2008 Honda Element.

“It was hard to tell it was Treat with the helmet on,” Rapphahn said. “But the driver knows him — knew him — and he was saying, ‘Oh, my God, it’s Treat.'”

“Emergency services were asking him questions,” the eyewitness continued, sharing that the Hair actor was “in a great deal of pain.”

Williams was airlifted to a hospital in Albany, NY, where he was pronounced dead.