In The Know with Gino: ‘Better Together’ Hamilton County Schools’ Day of Service Calls for Community Volunteers

Better Together 2023

Graphic Courtesy of Hamilton County Schools

CHATTANOOGA, TN – Hamilton County Schools are gearing up for their annual district-wide day of service, Better Together, which is set to take place on Saturday, July 29th. The event invites community members to come together and contribute their time and effort to refresh and beautify local school campuses, preparing them for the upcoming school year.

With the aim of fostering a strong sense of community involvement, Better Together encourages individuals, groups, and families to volunteer and make a meaningful impact on the educational environment for students. By engaging in this collaborative effort, participants can contribute to the overall well-being of Hamilton County’s schools.

Interested volunteers will receive updates regarding project options in early July, allowing them to choose an initiative that aligns with their interests and skill sets. There will be a wide range of projects available to cater to diverse preferences and abilities.

By participating in Better Together, volunteers not only support the school system but also foster positive connections among community members. This initiative emphasizes the significance of teamwork and collective responsibility in nurturing a conducive learning environment for students.

To register as a volunteer for Better Together, individuals can visit the official Hamilton County Department of Education website at The registration process will help organizers streamline logistics and ensure an efficient and well-coordinated day of service.

The Better Together event has gained popularity, attracting an increasing number of volunteers who share a common vision of making Hamilton County Schools a better place for students to learn and grow. The dedication and commitment of these volunteers continue to positively impact the lives of countless students and educators.

Hamilton County Schools looks forward to another successful Better Together day of service, as community members unite to create an inspiring and uplifting atmosphere for the students returning to school in the upcoming academic year.

SOURCES: NOOGAtoday and Hamilton County Schools