In The Know with Gino: Chattanooga To Host First Ever Affordable Housing Resource Fair on May 1st

Sarah Swainson Xtyrxx6ataw UnsplashPhoto by Sarah Swainson on Unsplash

CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE – The City of Chattanooga, along with several local service providers, is set to host the city’s first-ever affordable housing resource fair on Monday, May 1st from 4:30-7 p.m. at the South Chattanooga Community Center located at 1151 W. 40th St. in Chattanooga.

The fair aims to connect residents who are in need of affordable housing with resources and support for buying, renting, or repairing a home. With the housing market in Chattanooga becoming increasingly expensive, many residents are struggling to find affordable housing. The fair will offer a variety of services, including counseling on financial assistance programs, homebuyer education classes, rental assistance programs, and repair and rehabilitation programs.

Chattanooga recognizes the challenges that many residents face when it comes to finding affordable housing, and the city is committed to providing resources to support them. This fair is an excellent opportunity for residents to connect with local service providers and learn about the resources available to them.

The fair will bring together a variety of local service providers from across the city, including the Chattanooga Housing Authority, Habitat for Humanity, and United Way, among others. Representatives from these organizations will be on hand to answer questions and provide information on their programs and services.

The event is open to the public, and attendees are encouraged to bring any questions, comments, topics, and more.

For more information about the affordable housing resource fair, please contact the City of Chattanooga Department of Economic and Community Development at 423-643-7300.

SOURCE: Chattanoogan