In The Know with Gino: Children’s Hospital at Erlanger Completes the Phase 2 Renovation of Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

NursesPicture Courtesy of Children’s Hospital at Erlanger

Chattanooga, TN – The Children’s Hospital at Erlanger proudly announced the completion of the second phase of renovations for its pediatric intensive care unit (PICU). The newly transformed unit, featuring 16 private rooms, aims to provide enhanced comfort and modernization for patients and their families during their hospital stays.

Hospital officials unveiled the renovated PICU, emphasizing the significance of the modernization it brings to the Chattanooga region’s sole children’s facility of its kind. Plans to renovate the unit, which had not undergone significant updates in over a decade, were set in motion in 2019.

On Monday, a ribbon-cutting ceremony marked the successful completion of Phase 2, which included the conversion of the previous “open bay” area into six private rooms.

With the completion of the renovation project, the unit now offers a total of 16 beds, all located within private rooms, except for one large open bay situated near the nurses’ station. The shift from shared spaces to private rooms was driven by the hospital’s commitment to creating an environment where patients and families can feel more comfortable and receive individualized care.

Over the past five years, admissions to the Children’s Hospital at Erlanger have nearly doubled, underscoring the growing need for updated and expanded facilities. The completion of the renovated PICU is a response to this increased demand, ensuring that children in the region receive the specialized care they require.

Aside from the private rooms, the renovation project encompassed various other improvements. Updated equipment, such as advanced medical devices, has been integrated to enhance treatment capabilities. Medication safety protocols have been upgraded, ensuring the utmost care and precision in administering medications. Additionally, supply storage facilities have been enhanced to optimize efficiency, and staff accommodations have been improved to enable the medical professionals to deliver the best care possible.

The realization of the PICU renovation project was made possible through the generous support of the community. Erlanger revealed that a total of $486,500 in donations from community members played a substantial role in funding the renovation. The Chattanooga community rallied behind the cause, recognizing the significance of investing in the well-being of their youngest members.

The completion of the renovated pediatric intensive care unit at the Children’s Hospital at Erlanger represents a milestone in providing state-of-the-art care for children in need. The modernized facilities, coupled with the dedicated medical staff, aim to deliver the highest standard of care and support to patients and their families. It is a testament to the power of community collaboration and compassion, ensuring that children facing medical challenges have a nurturing and comfortable environment in which to heal and thrive.

SOURCES: NOOGAtoday and Chattanooga Time Free Press