In The Know with Gino: Improv Chattanooga Continues to Inspire Young Performers with Kid and Teen-Focused Drop-In Improv Classes

Improv Comedy Classes 4 Kids

Signal Mountain, TN – The partnership between IMPROV Chattanooga and The Mountain Arts Community Center otherwise known as the MACC located at 809 Kentucky Ave, Signal Mountain, TN 37377 continues to thrive this summer, bringing a series of one-night Drop-In Improv classes that cater to individuals of all ages and skill levels.

These Drop-In sessions have gained popularity due to their convenience and flexibility, offering participants a chance to explore the exciting world of improv in just two hours. Each workshop focuses on a different aspect of improv, ensuring there’s something for everyone, whether they’re taking their first steps or seeking to refine their abilities.

The workshops have a nominal fee between $10-$15, making them accessible to all. Participants can choose to reserve their seats in advance or pay at the door. It’s worth noting that the entire proceeds from these workshops directly support Improv Chattanooga and the MACC, bolstering the local improv community’s growth and development.

Scheduled exclusively on Tuesdays and Thursdays, the Drop-In workshops present an array of engaging sessions.

Here’s a sneak peek at next week’s schedule, designed specifically for kids and teens:

Tuesday, July 11th: “Improv For Kids: An Introduction to Improv for Kids Aged 7 to 12” – Taught by Beth Carroll. This workshop caters to the imaginations of children aged 7 to 12, providing them with a fun and interactive introduction to improv. Through exciting activities and games, young participants will grasp the fundamental rules and techniques of improvisation, igniting their creativity and self-expression. The workshop fee remains at an affordable $10.

Thursday, July 13th: “Improv For Teens: An Introduction to Improv for Teens Aged 13 to 17” – Taught by Beth Carroll. Teenagers with a passion for theater, acting, or comedy can embark on an improv journey tailored to their interests. This special two-hour workshop offers a dynamic introduction to the world of improv, equipping young performers with the skills and confidence to think on their feet and collaborate effectively. Teenagers will learn the rules of improv and engage in their first improv games, fostering creativity, teamwork, and spontaneity. Similar to the kids’ workshop, the fee remains at a pocket-friendly $10.

To learn more about the Drop-In Improv classes and explore additional offerings, including live shows, classes, open houses, and performances by Improv Chattanooga, interested individuals are encouraged to visit the official website at IMPROVCHATTANOOGA.COM.

Improv Chattanooga‘s commitment to nurturing young talent and fostering a love for improv among kids and teens shines through these dedicated workshops. By providing an accessible platform for self-expression, creativity, and personal growth, Improv Chattanooga continues to inspire the performers of tomorrow. Reserve your seat today and be a part of the laughter-filled journey in the world of improv.

SOURCE: Improv Chattanooga

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