In The Know with Gino: River City Company Invites Local Artists to Redesign Downtown Chattanooga Banners

RcbannerPhoto Courtesy of River City Company

Chattanooga, TN River City Company, a driving force behind urban development and revitalization in Chattanooga, has unveiled an exciting opportunity for local artists to shape the visual identity of the city’s downtown districts. The organization is inviting talented artists to participate in the redesign of the iconic district banners that have adorned the streets of downtown Chattanooga since 2009.

The banner program, initiated by River City Company, has been a cornerstone of the city’s efforts to create a welcoming atmosphere for residents and visitors alike. Not only do these banners serve as markers of unique districts, but they also contribute to the enhancement of the city’s streetscapes.

The revitalization initiative will commence in the Southside District, with River City Company set to identify additional districts for banner replacement in the coming months.

Local artists are invited to submit their qualifications for consideration until September 8th. A panel of experts will then evaluate the submissions, with the top artists being unveiled on September 15th. The final selection process will take place on September 29th, culminating in the appointment of one artist whose work will be featured on the new banners. The selected artist will receive a stipend of $1500 for their contribution to the city’s visual landscape.

The banner refresh project aligns perfectly with this vision, offering an opportunity for local artists to showcase their creativity and contribute to the city’s cultural tapestry.

While celebrating the prospect of a refreshed downtown aesthetic, River City Company has also acknowledged the financial considerations associated with the banner program. In response, the organization is inviting the community to support the initiative through donations. River City Company has pledged to match every dollar donated, up to a total of $20,000, further demonstrating their dedication to the city’s artistic and cultural enhancement.

To complement the process, River City Company has released an updated banner information guidebook. This resource aims to facilitate the use of banner spaces by event organizers and cultural institutions, providing a platform for them to showcase their contributions to the community.

For those interested in securing banner space for their events or projects, the deadline for requests is August 15th for the November 2023 – April 2024 period, and February 15th for placement between May and October 2024.

To learn more about the downtown banner program and contribute to this transformative initiative, visit the official website at

River City Company welcomes the Chattanooga community to participate in reshaping the city’s visual identity and celebrating its rich history, culture, and creativity.

SOURCE: Chattanooga Pulse