In The Know with Gino: SoundCorps and Chattanooga Hip-Hop Summit Present The Music & Business Speaker Series with DJ Chuck T and More

HiphopGraphic courtesy of SoundCorps

SoundCorps and the Chattanooga Hip-Hop Summit have joined forces to bring an exciting opportunity to aspiring artists and music enthusiasts in Chattanooga. They will be hosting a FREE workshop featuring renowned DJ Chuck T and captivating performances by Rack Racer Music Group. The 2nd Music & Business Speaker Series event is scheduled to take place this Friday, May 19th, starting at 7:00 pm at the RISE Community Hub, located at 2901 Taylor Street in Chattanooga.

DJ Chuck T, a prominent figure in the music industry, is best known as the founder of Charlotte Hornets Industry Night and The Foundation of Music classes. He has also gained recognition as the creator of the highly popular Down South Slangin Mixtape Series. DJ Chuck T’s extensive experience and expertise is set to provide invaluable insights and knowledge to workshop attendees.

To further enrich the event, the workshop will be moderated by none other than Iggy, the host of Iggy’s Loudmouth Podcast. Iggy, known for his engaging interviews and in-depth discussions with various artists and industry professionals, will add an extra layer of excitement and engagement to the proceedings.

The event offers a unique opportunity for artists to network, connect, and learn from local music industry leaders. By attending this workshop, aspiring musicians and individuals passionate about the music scene will have the chance to gain valuable knowledge, build connections, and potentially take their careers to new heights.

Interested individuals are encouraged to RSVP.

SoundCorps and the Chattanooga Hip-Hop Summit continue to demonstrate their commitment to fostering the growth of the local music scene and providing resources and opportunities for aspiring artists. The collaboration with DJ Chuck T, Rack Racer Music Group, and Iggy’s Loudmouth Podcast promises to be an event filled with learning, inspiration, and exciting performances that music enthusiasts in Chattanooga won’t want to miss.

SOURCE: NOOGAtoday & SoundCorps