In The Know with Gino: Tennessee Secretary of State Distributes Free “Baby in the Back” Hangtags

Alexander Grey K03ih6iqkdy UnsplashPhoto by Alexander Grey on Unsplash

CHATTANOOGA, TN – In a significant effort to combat heat-related child deaths in vehicles, the Tennessee Secretary of State, Tre Hargett, has joined forces with multiple state departments to distribute free Baby in the Back” hangtags.

These hangtags serve as reminders to drivers about the presence of children in the backseat, urging them to check for their safety before leaving the vehicle unattended.

Recognizing the grave risks posed by leaving children unattended in hot vehicles, Secretary Hargett’s initiative aims to raise awareness and prevent tragic incidents that can occur due to parental or caregiver forgetfulness. By partnering with various state departments, Hargett has sought to maximize the distribution of these hangtags throughout the state, ensuring their accessibility to as many Tennessee residents as possible.

The “Baby in the Back” hangtags can now be obtained free of charge through an online request process available on the Tennessee Secretary of State’s official website, SOS.TN.GOV.

Visitors to the website can easily navigate to the dedicated page where they can submit their requests to receive the hangtags.

Upon visiting the website, users will find a simple online form asking for basic contact information to facilitate the distribution process. Secretary Hargett’s office has assured the public that the submitted information will be treated with utmost confidentiality and solely used for the purpose of sending the hangtags.

The hangtags themselves are designed to be prominently displayed on the rearview mirrors of vehicles, serving as visual reminders to drivers whenever they exit their cars. The vividly colored hangtags feature a striking “Baby in the Back” logo, serving as an immediate attention grabber and reinforcing the message that child safety should always be a top priority.

The initiative has received widespread support from concerned citizens, advocacy groups, and other governmental entities within Tennessee. Officials hope that by raising awareness and making the hangtags easily accessible, the number of heat-related child deaths in vehicles can be drastically reduced across the state.

With the distribution of free “Baby in the Back” hangtags through the collaborative efforts of the Tennessee Secretary of State and various state departments, Tennessee residents are encouraged to take advantage of this crucial resource and join the fight against preventable tragedies. By visiting SOS.TN.GOV, citizens can request their hangtags today and contribute to creating a safer environment for children in vehicles.