Is It Rude To Start Eating At A Restaurant Before Everyone’s Food Has Arrived

Ali Inay Y3ap9oo9pjc Unsplash

Got a question for you. If you are at a restaurant, is it rude to start eating your food if other members at the table have not received theirs? According to Buzzfeed,62% of people say it’s NOT COOL to start eating before everyone’s food has arrived . . . unless the waiter has said that there will be a delay. 38% say it’s cool to start eating your food as soon as it hits the table.

In other restaurant etiquette news 87% of people say it’s in bad taste to argue with a host about wait times because you see empty tables especially if don’t have a reservation. 82% say it’s polite to bring in outside food, unless it’s specifically allowed.  There are legitimate exceptions, like food allergies.

73% state it’s NOT COOL to ask for an item that’s not on the menu.  Again, there are reasonable exceptions, like allergies.  58% say you should not to tip less than 20% if the service was good.  37% say it’s bad to take photos of your meal.  63% say it’s perfectly fine.


Courtesy of Buzzfeed