Is Microsoft Launching an Xbox… Toaster?

In a weird way, the original Nintendo console … the one where you had to blow on the cartridges … looked a LITTLE like a toaster.  But no one would actually confuse it for one.  Maybe it was ahead of its time.

There’s a weird rumor online claiming that Microsoft is launching an Xbox Series STOASTER.  There’s an image and specs of it going around, and supposedly it will be available sometime this year for around $65.  Which isn’t bad.

It has a cool Xbox-inspired design, but there’s not much innovation.  There are three “modes,” six browning settings, a “self-centering function,” and a removable crumb tray.  Long story short:  It toasts bread.

Microsoft put out an Xbox mini-fridge a couple years ago … so it’s POSSIBLE this is legit.  But Microsoft hasn’t commented, so a lot of people think it’s a joke, or the lead-up to an April Fools’ Day gag.

Especially because … well … why put out a mediocre novelty toaster?

SOURCE: GameSpot / The Gamer / Daily Mail